Flexotechnica Has 'Significant' Q4 Sales Increase

NEW BERLIN, WI | Flexotecnica S.p.A. has reported a significant increase in sales in the fourth quarter of 2010, with over a dozen presses sold in that period worldwide, including the US and Canada. Flexotecnica’s new XG and XD presses have been selling well into all markets worldwide, the company reports, with the demonstration of a waste reduction system which drastically reduces initial set-up waste when starting a new print job. This new system was shown to numerous visitors at Flexotecnica’s factory in Tavazzano, Italy, concurrently with the “K” Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, and the Converting & Package Printing (CPP) Expo in Chicago, IL.

Flexotecnica also introduced a new, compact, energy-efficient drying system at the same time, along with other energy saving options. “We are acutely focused on those aspects of printing that our customers can better control, in order to increase their efficiency and reduce their costs,” continues Jacques. “This new drying system achieves that goal by providing more drying for less energy expenditure. Simply put, it is yet another step ahead in the drive for increased profitably for our customers.”

Both the XG and XD models have been sold in North America, so this new technology reportedly will be employed in presses slated for delivery in 2011.

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