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Label Leaders Purchases ROTOCONTROL Flexo Machine

AHRENSBURG, GERMANY | ROTOCONTROL has announced another order for the EDM200 semi-rotary, servo-driven UV-flexo machine placed by Label Leaders in South Africa.  Founder and chairman of Label Leaders, Ben Raubenheimer and factory manager Craig Stange were both impressed with the superior print quality and speed of the EDM200 Machine.

"We plan to utilize the EDM200 in short-run production of generic labels requiring a change in the description of the product," states Craig Stange. "The speed and ease of job setup and changeover in addition to the flexibility in producing smaller runs of unique labels led to our decision to invest in the ROTOCONTROL EDM200."

Launched in 1995, Label Leaders is a nationally recognized company and produces a wide range of flexographically printed labels for a diversity of industries including retail products, wine, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Label Leaders utilizes cutting edge technology and is at the forefront of latest developments in the label industry.

The EDM200 is claimed the world's first ever designed semi-rotary, servo-driven UV-flexo machine, using sleeve technology for both print and anilox cylinders, and working with chambered doctor blade technology. The machine is designed to work mainly as an over-printing machine and has been specifically developed to provide very economic production of short-run and fast turnaround for labels, tickets, and tags.

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