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ROTOCONTROL Releases Flexo Press Video

AHRENSBURG, GERMANY – ROTOCONTROL has announced the availability of a video featuring the EDM200 Series Over-printing Press in production with informative instruction. The DVD educates converters on the features and benefits of the EDM200, including a unique insetting register control system, semi-rotary (intermittent) web advance, and a small footprint (only 2.1 m long).  The accompanying video instruction is available in English and German.

The EDM200, says the company, is the world's first ever designed semi-rotary, servo-driven UV-flexo machine, using sleeve technology for both print and anilox cylinders, and working with chambered doctor blade technology. The machine is designed to work mainly as an over-printing machine and has been specifically developed to provide very economic production of short-run and fast turnaround for labels, tickets and tags.

Several EDM200 machines have been installed throughout Europe and South Africa, especially in regions producing high quality artistic embossed wine labels.  At a cost-effective price point, the EDM200 is an attractive solution for unique production runs.  Converters interested in receiving the EDM200 video can send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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