Rogers to Showcase R/Bak Corrugated Products at ACCSA 2010

ROGERS, CT | Rogers Corp. will exhibit a broad line of cushion mounting products for corrugated printing applications at the 2010 ACCCSA (Corrugator Assn. of Caribbean, Central and South America) Intl. Convention & Exposition, from July 18-21 in San Jose, Costa Rica. The Rogers R/bak product line includes R/bak SF, SS, U and U1A plate mounting materials for flexography printing applications.

At the heart of the R/bak mounting system is an advanced microcellular urethane with an open cell construction. The material offers exceptional energy absorption and resiliency, acting as a pressure reducer and shock absorber for flexographic plates, the company reports. R/bak material enables printers to improve registration, reduce dot gain, decrease plate deformation, maintain ink density, and use finer screens for fine-line work.

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