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Epson Partners with GMG on Proofing Solution

LONG BEACH, CA | Epson America, in an effort to continue expansion in to the package proofing market, announces that the Epson SureColor X80600 64-in., roll-to-roll solvent printer has been certified by GMG Americas for use with software GMG ColorProof 5.10 and GMG OpenColor 2.1.5. GMG Americas reports it selected the SureColor S80600 as part of the recommended package proofing solution to boost substantial technological enhancements designed to deliver precise, repeatable performance with high accuracy and an exceptional color gamut to the package proofing market.

“We are committed to providing the finest software and recommendations that deliver precise, repeatable, and re-creatable prototypes for our clients,” says Paulo Monteiro, VP, sales, GMG Americas. “The Epson SureColor S80600 delivers the printing technology our team’s been looking for—an expansive color gamut, reliable printhead technology, reduced maintenance time, and unlike similar devices, the SureColor S80600 can deliver legible text as small as 3-point font, which is a game changer in the package prototyping industry.”

GMG OpenColor and ColorProof say they work together to deliver a complete printing press simulator and enable accurate proof simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colors using special multicolor profiles. After extensive internal and external testing, GMG Americas reports that it selected the Epson SureColor S80600 as the final output component of its packaging solution due to its high-performance white ink printing capabilities, advanced print head technology, and ultra-wide color gamut with light black, red, and orange inks. In addition, the reduced maintenance time required to operate the SureColor S80600 made it a desirable solution that would easily fit into a variety of commercial environments.

Matt McCausland, product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, says, “We are excited to be working with GMG Americas to expand our leadership position in the proofing market by adding package proofing capabilities with the SureColor S-Series. The SureColor S80600 allows for incredibly color accurate short-run package proofs quickly and with details precisely as the client requested. With 98.2 percent Pantone (https://www.pantone.com/) matching, reliability, and high quality white ink, PSPs have the potential to reduce project turnaround time and increase overall production and profit.”

Leveraging Epson UltraChrome GS3 nine-color ink featuring red and orange ink and optional white or metallic silver, the SureColor S80600 is said to deliver the highest Pantone coverage in its class, making it an ideal selection for the packaging industry. In addition, the SureColor S80600 touts an all-new precision media feeding system and a high performance Dual-Array PrecisionCore TFP printhead and an enhanced media feeding system said to provide unmatched levels reliability and impressive production speeds.


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