Miltec Calls University Partner Project a Success

STEVENSVILLE, MD | Miltec UV, a global manufacturer of arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems, partnered with the University of Maryland QUEST Capstone Consulting Project last December for a project that kicked off in January. The participants say the project is now complete. The honor students were tasked with developing a strategy to help Miltec UV choose a method of commercialization for its ceramic coating technology, a technique that is less expensive, safer, and more effective than the current process used to manufacture lithium ion batteries.

The team’s recommendation was a dual-sided approach that allows Miltec to maximize profits while providing the flexibility to customize the strategy based on the customer’s needs. The strategies were to partner with a coater who would coat the separator while Miltec UV maintains the customer relationship or licensing the coating technology to the customer, and providing the equipment to coat the separators.

Miltec UV executives are very impressed by the financial and risk modules presented by the team, according to Miltec CEO Marilyn Blandford. “This type of research and business modeling would have taken Miltec a year to complete in-house. We were impressed with how quickly the students were able to create viable solutions for Miltec and produce deliverables that we will be able to use in the future. This initiate was a huge success, and we will continue to utilize the Quest Program to help us solve business, engineering, and technology challenges.”

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