Impact of Private Forests

CHARLOTTE, NC | The National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO)  has commissioned a new study that was conducted by Forest2Market to quantify the economic impact of private, working forests on the US economy. The study found a significant gap between the contributions made by privately-owned forests over other ownership types. On average, they generate $277,000 in state GDP per 1,000 acres, while public forests generate just $41,000 per acre.

The study also concludes that the national average economic contribution per 1,000 acres of private, working forest includes 8 jobs, $270,000 in payroll, $9,850 in state taxes (income and severance taxes only) and $733,000 in annual sales.

The study completes the picture of the contributions that working forests make, says David P. Tenny, president and CEO of NAFO. “We all know that private, working forests provide clean water and air, open space, wildlife habitat, recreation, and other environmental benefits. This study demonstrates the significant economic benefits these forests provide: family waged jobs, a strong tax base, and the economic foundation of the forest products industry. They are fundamental to both the economic and environmental infrastructure of our nation.”

The study is claimed to demonstrate that private working forests support local and state economies. Forest2Market CEO and president Pete Stewart says, “With a clear view of the total contribution, we can better understand the consequences of public policies and market factors that limit how much work these forests can do.”

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