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Proofing System Is Portable

CHARLOTTE, NC | HarperScientific, the printing and coating supplies division of anilox roll supplier Harper Corp. of America, introduces what is claimed to be the first fully portable proofing system, called the Phantom QD Quick Drawdown Proofing System.

Equipped with its own pressure loading system, the device is claimed simple to use, utility-free, and requires no compressed air or electricity to permit use wherever an ink proof draw down is needed.

Has a magnetic-loaded doctor blade and quick-change anilox and rubber rollers that are interchangeable with both the Echocel Junior and Phantom hand proofers. Said to draw down reliably consistent proofs because of a unique loading system that exerts constant pressure over the entire stroke length.

Available as a proofer and table kit only or in three accessory package choices with 1, 3, or 6 standard traditional anilox rolls.

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