Software Standardizes Tough Print Jobs

Axaio software announces the availability of MadeToPrint Illustrator Auto. This new version builds on years of experience in output optimization and standardization from QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign and ports all the advantages of MadeToPrint to the packaging creation workflow, the company reports. Software is designed to standardize all complex printing and file exporting demands by setting up output JobSets once, and then making them available to all users, to get identical output from every workstation. Users reportedly can streamline print and export operations, allowing them to benefit from increased efficiency and reliability, reduce error levels, improve collaboration and save time and cost considerably.

With MadeToPrint for Illustrator, Axaio provides a solution to automate PDF output from Illustrator with all the advantages such as cost savings and reduced errors. But MadeToPrint for Illustrator is said to go beyond plain and simple automation and deals with all the complexities packaging design files contain. Packaging designers and pre-press professionals are now able create PDFs from Illustrator, without having to worry if complex layer structures are correctly handled, or whether naming conventions and other production specifications are set correctly, the company reports. Once an output specification has been setup up, all files processed with that jobset will consistently fit the same specification.

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