Aluminum 2008 Statistical Review Available

ARLINGTON, VA | The Aluminum Assn. released its annual key statistical information publication on September 2, titled2008 Aluminum Statistical Review. Covering all statistical data available on the North America aluminum industry, the report includes information on every cycle of aluminum production process from primary aluminum markets for finished foods to the recovery of aluminum scrap.

Designed to support members of the industry, financial analysts, government agencies, students, and the general public, the Review contents include text, table, and charts to provide year-end figures and other historic data on US and Canadian shopments, markets, supply, and foreign trade. It’s divided in five major sections: supply, shipments, markets, foreign trade,a dn world statistics. An 11-year summary (1998—2008) and historical statistics on the aluminum industry are also provided.

Pricing for members is $90 and $175 for non-members, plus shipping and handling. A CD version is also available. Click here for details or to order.

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