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Sheeter Designed for Large Sheet Format

WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. introduces a sheeter specifically designed for large format printing presses. Accepts up to 65-in. (1,651 mm) wide webs and can convert and stack up to 83-in. (2,110 mm) long sheets.

Dual knife rotary technology allows the sheeter to cut multiple webs of paper or board, reportedly providing dust-free edges and insuring high quality printability. The company claims energy conserving regenerative drive systems accurately and squarely produce sheet sizes 16– 83 in. (407–2,110 mm) long to within + 0.015 in. (+ 0.381 mm) of the desired cutoff.

The delivery system incorporates special design features to convey long, lightweight sheets from the cutter to the stacker. Use of static eliminating systems in combination with compressed air allow trouble-free sheet flow at higher speeds. Despite the extended cut off range, the sheeter’s compact footprint and reliability allow one-person operation.

A tapes-over-pile design with the introduction of ionized air between each sheet is said to permit jam-free, high-speed piling.

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