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Sleeve Open-Platform Web Offset Presses

BEERFELDEN, GERMANY | Edelmann Graphics (represented by Matik, Inc.) debuts its bearer-based sleeve inserts for the second generation of the shaftless Edelmann COLOR PRINT V Series presses. Called STAR Print (short for Sleeve Technology Advanced Rotation), the sleeve technology provides a solution that accepts the plate and blanket sleeves in an offset insert, reportedly allowing any size of print format to be changed quickly and inexpensively. Can accept offset inserts in the towers as well as flexo, gravure, silkscreen and adhesive inserts to offer the printer an open platform capability. The printer can print, says the company, in any combination required, regardless of ink laydown, quality, heat, or substrate issues.

Carbon fiber sleeves are claimed to have precision internal bearers fitted to provide a stable image carrier that is not heat sensitive to cause problems with the image and the ink/water.

Fitted with advanced controls to ensure job information can be pre-loaded into the press, such as preset ink and water profiles as well as register and impression. This allows the sleeve technology, company says, to be profitable for shorter runs and also offer lean manufacturing for larger jobs.

Suitable for a variety of films, p-s stock, foil, and carton with substrate thickness ranges from .0005 up to 18 pt and a special edition for up to 26 pt carton. Drying options include EB, UV, IR, and hot air for print format ranges from 20—44 in.; full-size folding carton products are possible with option to die-cut and strip with a rotary die-cutter. Available in web widths of 20.5 in., 30 in. and 36 in. equipped with four form rollers and running at 1,300 fpm.

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