Slit/Rewind a Variety of Materials Economically

WOONSOCKET, RI | The Dusenbery Genesis 700 center driven duplex slitter/rewinder offers high performance in a compact package that saves factory floor space. Features an integral unwind, pull roll and slitting section, duplex cantilevered rewind mandrels, and a single point utility connection. Short web path provides improved rewind roll quality. The advanced digitally integrated control system has a PLC and touchscreen operator interface, two-motor vector drive, smart pneumatic system, and remote diagnostics.

Can be configured for razor or shear slitting. Unwind has maximum core length of 62 in. and maximum diameter of 40 in. Rewind has maximum diameter of 30 in. and minimum slit width of 2 in. Maximum machine speed is 1,500 fpm.


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