Agnati Finalizes Reorganization, Includes New Investor

VIMERCATE, ITALY | Agnati S.p.A., established in 1932, has agreed to finalize its corporate reorganization and include the entrance of a new Italian investor, Messrs. Gruppo Brivio Pierino & C.

Founded in 1950, the Group is involved in such industries as steelwork production, high precision metal working, and the manufacture of compacting vehicles for the collection of urban solid waste.

The company’s new name is BP-Agnati S.r.l. and will remain located in the same historic manufacturing site in Vimercate (MI/Italy). However, the company will incorporate a leaner and more flexible structure, according to a company press release announcing the agreement, that is intended “to answer better to the new demands of today’s market, keeping. . . the technical. . . know-how which allowed Agnati to be recognized as one of the world industry leaders.”

Manufacturing will continue to focus on the company’s traditional range of products, including machinery and corrugating rolls, and further improvement is planned for the Spares and Services Depts.

For additional information, contact managing director Piermario Rosso at +39 335 1818753.

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