Edge Bead Reduction Training Helps Eliminate Waste

FULTON, NY | Optex Process Solutions now provides edge bead reduction training, giving manufacturing companies the knowledge and capabilities to capitalize on their bead reduction technology for dies. The training sessions are customized to fit the specific needs of the organization–conducting training one on one, in small groups, or in large groups. After training and full adjustment of a user’s bead reduction system, companies can typically save approximately 75% of trim waste, which often results in savings of $500,000/yr or more, depending on materials and operating speeds.

Optex Process Solutions designs and manufactures feed screws in addition to offering consulting services and training for extrusion coating, laminating, cast film, blown film, sheet extrusion, edge bead reduction, and coating applications. Visit their booth #N60128 at NPE on June 22–26 at Chicago’s McCormick Pl. (www.npe.org).

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