Green Packaging Keeps Fish Fresh

VIENNA, AUSTRIA | Mondi and collaborative partners develop the Afcofish tray, a sustainable corrugated packaging solution for 6 kg of fresh fish packed on ice. Called a cutting-edge green packaging solution for Carrefour, the fresh domestic fish transport is produced by Mondi in close cooperation with the Spanish corrugated board association Afco and corrugated board producers, including the collaboration of Grupo Lantero (SCA partner), Cartisa (IP), and Saica.

The new packaging solution that replaces an expanded polystyrene package comprises Mondi’s Paratén watertight liner for a high degree of moisture vapor barrier, an Afcofish tray that allows water leakage from melting ice during a 24 hr trip, and SCA’s Fishbox with a leak-proof isothermal design. Mondi’s barrier liner concept allows considerable weight reduction in liner and fluting material, cost effective use of recycled materials, and is fully recyclable.

The Mondi barrier liner is warranted for direct food contact, is fully recyclable according to RESY standards, is in-line with new market trends, and conforms to required environmental legislations in the European Packaging Directives.

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