Film Minimizes Environmental Impact of Air Pillows

DEERFIELD, IL | Pregis Corp. has introduced EP-FLEX Renew, a high performance low-density polyethylene air pillow film that is made with up to 50% less resin than other inflatable void-fill products. The new structure also contains a proprietary organic additive that accelerates microbial biodegradation without compromising recyclability.

EP-Flex Renew doesn’t contain any heavy metals or salts. The product can be transported in high heat and has a longer shelf life than starch-based degradable products. Film uses a water-based ink and is tinted green using an organic colorant to provide consumers with a visual cue. It will not begin to biodegrade until it enters a landfill (anaerobic), compost (aerobic), or other environments that contain microbes. Complete biodegradation typically occurs within one to five years.

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