Biodegradable Sandwich Wrap Earns Flex-Pack Nod

LENAXA, KS | Robbie Mfg. is recognized by the Flexible Packaging Assn. with two Gold Awards–one for packaging excellence and a second for sustainability and environmental achievement–for an innovative and environmentally conscious package utilizing NatureFlex NVS film from UK-based Innovia Films. The compostable film is produced from renewable wood pulp sourced from managed plantations that have or are working towards Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.

The package, called the “Hot N Handy Bio-Pouch,” is a specially designed sustainable food service sandwich wrap adopted throughout the US for freshly prepared sandwiches that replaces rigid polystyrene containers. The resealable Bio-Pouch is flexographically surface-printed with a random four-color repeat graphic highlighting its biodegradable features. The flex-pack is said to use 92% less crude oil by comparison to the rigid polystyrene deli containers it replaces, reduces CO2 emissions by 56%, and reduces packaging material waste by weight by 75%.

The Bio-Pouch has a built-in gusset, which allows for various sizes of sandwiches to fit into one pouch, thus eliminating the need to stock multiple SKUs for each sandwich.

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