Splicer Automates High-Speed Aseptic Line

ROCKFORD, IL | Martin Automatic recently received its third order from Tralin Pak a leading Chinese converter of aseptic packaging materials. Tralin Pak chose a Martin Automatic splicer (MTB) and a rewinder (RMAP) to go on its F&K press to form its first production line. When it added a second production line at the same site, Tralin Pak again chose Martin Automatic equipment to automate the process.

With the addition of its third state-of-the-art mega-factory in the heart of the Chinese dairy belt in Inner Mongolia, Tralin Pak once again chose Martin Automatic to provide an automatic splicer and rewind for its newest production line. A Martin Turret Butt Splicer (MTB) and a rewinder (RMAP) will be installed on a new high-speed BHS press, which will be running paperboard at speeds up to 500 mpm.

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