Caraustar Introduces Printing Process for Tubes

ATLANTA, GA | Caraustar Industries Inc. has introduced Verti-Print, a printing capability for paperboard tubes and cores, to promote its customers’ brands and to ensure repeat business. The exceptional printing characteristics of Verti-Print, as well as Caraustar’s classic spiral-print capabilities on tubes and cores of all sizes, is said to reproduce and capture corporate logos, brands, phone numbers, and messages for additional advertising for customers.

Bob Isaacs, sales manager for Construction Products/Caraustar Converted Products Group, states, “We are extremely excited about Verti-Print, another innovative, value-added Caraustar product offering that is particularly effective for construction companies to capture attention where tubes are used to form concrete columns, piers, pilings and footings. The Verti-Print capability will be available on many of Caraustar’s products that are manufactured with its specially engineered, weather-resistant KlimatePRO technology for use in all weather conditions.”

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