Graphic Technologies Installs Stamping & Folder/Gluer Machinery

NILES, IL | Graphic Technologies, a JohnsByrne company and leading graphic arts finisher(, recently added a Bobst VisionFoil 104 hot-foil stamping press--to replace three older foiling presses--and a Bobst VisionFold 110-A2 CS high speed folder-gluer to its Chicago-metro area finishing facility. The installations are the first to be installed in North America.

The VisionFoil 104 has the capability to apply hot-foil, emboss, or die-cut at speeds up to 8,000 sph. The three-shaft machine configuration permits the simultaneous use of multiple foil webs with three separate foil advance rates. The machine is also configured with the Bobst OACS system, which automatically calculates the optimum foil advance for the most efficient use of foil and minimized waste. An “in office” version of OACS allows the calculations to be performed offline and then downloaded to the machine by USB without interrupting current production. Twelve individually controlled heat zones offer maximum control, efficiency, and quality when foiling or embossing. A single camera is used for precision hologram placement as well as shim line detection.

The VisionFold 110 reportedly gives Graphic Technologies the versatility to fold and glue a wide range of materials from carton board and solid board up to 123 lb/msf to N, F, and E flute corrugated board and a wide range of products, including straight line and crash-lock cartons, 4 and 6 corner cartons, pocket folders, envelopes and more. Quick setup is enhanced by computer set-up capabilities that allow job data to be stored and recalled for repeat orders. An integrated quality control system detects folding and gluing issues and automatically ejects non-conforming cartons. Has a maximum operating speed of 1,148 fpm, which helps minimize work in process and reduce turnaround times.

Graphic Technologies facility also has 15 die-cutters–including two Bobst SPanthera 106-LER Autoplaten die-cutters that were installed in 2007–as well as a range of other finishing equipment, including laminators, additional foil stampers, windowing machines, and many other special application machines.

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