Tools Analyze Pressroom Performance

VALHALLA, NY | Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA offers printers Taskero Universe, a suite of performance analysis tools designed to increase profitability and reduce waste. Said to offer a complete solution that delivers valuable business information across the entire production cycle to verify that a job is staying within specified tolearance set at the press console. Collects raw data¯including information on performance across all ink keys, color conformance, and paper performance¯and then aggregates the data and delivers a variety of real-time reports via the web or a PDF to printers or their customers. Customizable for the printer’s end user and allows printers to create reports and give their customers access to any data via a secure, password-protected interface online or as a PDF. Compatible with presses utilizing X-Rite Itellitrax-S technology or any Komori press utilizing the Komori PDCS-II technology, Mitsubishi, Sakari, Akiyama, Ryobi, and Shinohara presses as well as the offline Intellitrax system.

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