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Hologram+Contactless IC Chip=Award

TOKYO, JAPAN | Toppan Print, Hitachi Ltd., and Hitachi Chemical partner in the production of an innovative RFID Crystagram label, considered the world’s first combination of hologram and contactless integrated-circuit (IC) chip. It uses the aluminum of the metalized hologram as the antenna for the RFID. One facet of the hologram is that it can be demetallized, providing an intricate, customized design without any detriment to the antenna function. In addition, the Crystagram can have covert image elements to create a product authentication feature which combines overt, covert and traceability functions. The International Hologram Mfrs. Assn. saw fit to honor this entry in the organization’s Excellence in Holography Awards with the top award in the category for Packaging. Visit www.ihma.org and http://www.toppan.co.jp/english/.

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