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Streamline Processing, Improve Print Quality

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL | Screen adds Model FX1524 new large-format flexo CTP recorder to its PlateRite family for the package printing market. Said to streamline processing and improve printing quality for a wide range of flexo printing applications, including labels, flexible packaging, cartons, and corrugated containers. Equipped with an innovative high-output exposure head, the CTP system handles flexo plates, letterpress plates, and thermal ablative film up to 42 x 60 in. Reportedly compatible with plates from a range of manufacturers and has an easy-loading mechanism that securely mounts large-size flexo plates to increase prepress efficiency and productivity. Features a 64-channel laser imaging head and newly developed screen technology. Can image at resolutions of 2,400 dpi or 2,540 dpi; with a high-resolution option, imaging at 4,000 dpi is possible. Platesetter images flexo plates at a max. speed of 4 sq m (43.05 sq ft) per hr.

New Stabydot halftone dots are introduced in conjunction with the system for flexo and letterpress printing to create highlights optimized for platemaking and printing. For more information, visit: www.screenusa.com.

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