Overnight Labels Wins 2008 PEAK Award

DEER PARK, NY | Overnight Labels earned a 2008 PEAK (Print Excellence and Knowledge) Award of Excellence for Labels and Tags (Prime). This is the third consecutive year the company has been honored with a PEAK Award from Print Solutions magazine. This year’s winning submission is a label that involves process printing with cold foil and a specialty lamination.

The customer admired the design of Overnight Label’s promotional bottled water label and copied it for their own label—everything from the gradient of color done in cold foil in the name of the label to the sparkle lamination, which gives it a bright finished touch. Particularly challenging in creating this label was the requirement of “pulling out all the stops”—high level line screen process printing, rich dense background color, cold foil stamping, and the added touch of Overnight’s specially sourced and unique sparkle lamination.

See http://www.overnightlabels.com

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