Recyclable PS Demand Increases

MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA | The Environment & Plastics Industry Council (EPIC) reports expanding end-market opportunities are responsible for increased demand for recyclable polystyrene (PS) packaging. One of these markets is the Canadian Polystyrene Recycling Alliance (CPRA), which purchased the equipment and technology from the Canadian Polystyrene Recycling Assn. late last year.

The new CPRA is owned by an established Port Hope-based company and joins a successful group of companies dedicated to the recovery and remanufacture of PS in picture frames and other products. The CPRA has sales across North America, employs 250 Ontarians, and has showrooms in Atlanta, GA, an Toronto, ON.

Recognizing that the creation of CPRA provides municipalities with an opportunity to expand the diversion of their plastic packaging waste, EPIC is helping the new entity facilitate meetings with municipalities interested in PS collection. Toronto reportedly is interested in adding PS to its curbside program later this year.

Cathy Circko, VP Environment & Health of the Canadian Plastics Industry Assn., comments: We welcome this new opportunity to divert plastic packaging waste” and adds that the market for PS and other recycled plastic products in North America is growing every year.

CPRA-recycled PS packaging includes: foam and rigid PS take-out containers for deli, bakery, prepared foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, salad and sandwich boxes; cushion packaging for electronics and other home appliances; foam meat trays and egg cartons; and foam and rigid PS cups and plates. For more information, visit:

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