ReNew Orange Eco-Friendly Cream

PLYMOUTH, MA | Flexo Concepts introduces ReNew Orange eco-friendly cream for anilox cleaning, offering flexographic and offset printers a safe, effective, and green option for fast, in-press cleaning of anilox rolls, says the company. Can restore cell volume between deep cleanings and is claimed compatible with all types of inks and coatings. Has no VOCs, is biodegradable, non-toxic, water soluble, and non-flammable. Has near-neutral pH level is and has a pleasant citrus fragrance. Requires application to the surface of the roll and then agitation with a brush to loosen dried ink, followed immediately by rinsing. Regular use on anilox rolls reportedly can deliver precise, consistent, and predictable volumes of ink or coating and promote uniformity in the finished product, especially if used as part of a three-step anilox cleaning program. For more information, visit:

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