Film- and Foil-Free Materials Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

FAIRFIELD, NJ | Unifoil Corp. has a new product guide in which consumer goods manufacturers, converters, printers, and designers can obtain information about state-of-the-art, image-enhancing recyclable packaging and printing materials that can help a company reduce its carbon footprint.

Inside the handy reference guide, which is printed on recyclable Holographic UniLustre board, a unique, multidimensional nonlaminated metallized material, is an exciting array of samples of recyclable papers, boards, and plastics that are easy to print on and convert. To obtain a free copy of the product guide, contact Unifoil Corp. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 973-244-9900.

“Green has never looked so good,” says Joe Funicelli, CEO and president of Unifoil. “End-users are very pleased to learn about the availability of stunning packaging and printing materials that support sustainability initiatives and marketing goals.” Funicelli notes that Unifoil’s recyclable packaging and printing papers and boards can be made from recycled post-consumer waste, which helps further reduce a company’s carbon footprint and makes them even more desirable.

The choice of nonlaminated UniLustre materials for packaging and printing applications results in a major source reduction because no film or foil is incorporated into the finished product. Eliminating film and foil also improves the application’s aesthetic quality, enables recycling, and lowers shipping costs. The environment-friendly product samples included in the book are preferred by end-users for cosmetic, personal care, beverage, multimedia, and other point-of-sale items’ packaging and security enhancement. Product descriptions, an overview of Unifoil’s capabilities, and an introduction to the environmental impact of Unifoil materials also are included in the publication.


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