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Cushion Mounting Materials Are Economical

ROGERS, CT | Rogers Corp. has introduced its new line of E/bak cushion mounting materials, an economically priced cushioning solution for corrugated post-print applications. E/bak Cushions, based on open-cell urethane foam technology, are used to build thickness on the cylinder, as well as to provide cushioning and absorb vibration in the corrugated printing process. These resilient cushions are said to provide a high degree of surface conformity with minimal increase in plate pressure.

Designed to handle easily, E/bak Cushions allow for printing on rough surfaces while eliminating gear banding and press bounce. Added benefits also include decreasing plate wear and increasing plate life while reducing fluting and board crush at increased line speeds. This value performance corrugated cushion continues to provide standard quality print results, lower dot gain, and maintains high solid ink density, allowing for consistent print results over the entire press run. They reduce operating costs by helping to eliminate problems on press with fewer press adjustments.

E/bak SF (supported firm) material is designed on 0.010 in. (0.254 mm) PET film carrier and is cast to thickness, not buffed. This polyester support layer is said to ensure dimensional stability and acts as a mounting base. The foam is dark green in color and has a skin surface. It is available in three standard thicknesses--0.040 in. (1.02 mm), 0.060 in. (1.52 mm), and 0.080 in. (2.03 mm)--and produced 60 in. (1524mm) wide. Designed for use on general purpose corrugated applications of line and solid work with some simple combination screens.

See http://www.rogerscorporation.com/rbak

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