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Digital Photopolymer Plate Is Suited for Package Printing

ATLANTA, GA | MacDermid Printing Solutions has introduced Digital MAX, its fourth new photopolymer plate product this year. Digital MAX is the digital version of MAX, a 60-durometer analog hard plate suited for a broad range of package printing applications.

Digital MAX reportedly delivers all the benefits of MAX, such as excellent drape and low tack allowing for long, clean-running print performance, plus the fine resolution and imaging capability expected from a digital photopolymer plate. MacDermid gives plate makers a choice whether to process Digital MAX plates conventionally using solvent, or thermally in MacDermid’s LAVA thermal processing system. Digital MAX is available in thicknesses from 0.030 in. (0.76 mm) to 0.112 in. (2.84 mm), and in format sizes up to 52 x 80 in. (1,320 x 2,032 mm).

See http://www.macdermid.com/printing

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