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Sensors Detect Position, Distance, and Thickness

Southington, CT | Linearized AlphaProx Sensors from Baumer Ltd. are said to be cost-efficient alternatives to more expensive sensor technologies and can be used to detect changes in position, distance, thickness, weight or pressure.

Sensors feature a teach-in function that allows the user to adjust the usable measuring range and select the direction of the output slope.  Offering a resolution of 10 microns, these compact sensors can switch between analog and digital output. The Linearized AlphaProx Sensors feature two outputs that can be programmed by teach-in.  Output 1 is an analog output and Output 2 is a window output.

The IP67-rated chromium steel housings withstand harsh conditions and exposure to contaminants such as water, oil, dirt, non-metallic particles, dust, and fibers. Sensors withstand high shock and vibration and can be used in operating temperatures ranging from -10ºC to +70ºC.

See http://www.baumerelectric.com/usa

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