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Mixer Combines High Intensity With Low Shear and Heat

NEW CASTLE, PA | Xaloy is introducing nXmix, a step-change advance in technology for dispersion of additives and fillers in thermoplastic polymers. Operating in line with conventional single- and twin-screw extruders, nXmix provides thorough distributive and intense dispersive mixing action but with low shear, low process temperatures, and low energy consumption.

The nXmix is a two-stage device. The first stage uses an incised rotor to generate high-shear mixing of very short duration. This breaks up agglomerates and disentangles polymer chains to reduce viscosity in preparation for the next mixing stage. The second stage involves a specially shaped rotor and stator, each having a multitude of pockets in a helical configuration. This stage produces elongational flow with thorough mixing at very low shear rates and temperatures.

See http://www.xaloy.com

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