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Roll Mover Made for Large Soft-Material Rolls

APPLETON, WI | Appleton Mfg.s new Big Wheel RollMover is specifically designed to safely and conveniently move large rolls of tissue, toweling or other soft nonwoven materials without damaging outer layers. The battery-powered unit reportedly eliminates the need for cumbersome and hazardous air hoses used to drive other roll moving units. A 36-volt motor and heavy-duty gearbox are said ideal for pushing the heaviest of rolls across plant floors or onto trolley conveyors. Utilizes a larger diameter drive-roller to provide improved contact with the surface of master-sized rolls without creating indents and marks. Because of an elevated point of contact, it’s claimed less likely to get "pinned" under big rolls at the end of travel. Available tapered drive-rollers, company says, keep ends of the drive wheel from marking softest materials. Employs a variable-speed, twist-throttle handle and has fully programmable throttle response and movement speeds. See http://www.appletonmfg.com.

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