Montalvo Offers Web Tension Upgrades on Wide Range of Equipment

GORHAM, ME | To increase converters’ productivity and profitability, the Montalvo Corp. provides web control system upgrades for users of narrow web presses, printing presses, corrugators, laminators, cutters, slitters, sheeters, filmers, extruders, waxers, die-cutters, and embossers.

The company’s Consulting Page details a number of examples of upgraded electronic web tension controls, load cells, clutches, safety chucks, brakes, brake pad assemblies, and other products.

The company is said to specialize in providing analysis, upgrades, and service of web tension control systems used in the paper, film, foil, nonwovens, and plastic films industries as well as packaging, medical and high-tech applications.

This rebuilt machine (above, right) includes a new unwind tension control systems, upgraded brake with fan cover, Montalvo ES live roller load cells to replace an old dancer system, idler rollers, a repaired/inspected hydraulic pump and motor, and replaced hoses, fittings, filters and gauges.

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