Brand Owners Can Assess Strategy To Include Digital Print Commercialization

EDEN, NY |  "Digital Print: Commercialization Assessment Report" by Karstedt Partners, LLC, offers brand owners the tools to determine how to respond to the challenges of "new shoppers."

The report identifies what the "next generation" brand experience will require in terms of packaging and how digital printing can be a part of a brand's operational strategy.

Subject matter includes how engagement, relevancy, and interaction will impact brand experience; the discussion of the commoditization of package printing versus new business models that take printing beyond simply putting ink on substrates; the megatrend of product and package mass production versus mass customization; an examination of whether analog supply chain capabilities will be sufficient within the next 2--3 years.

The report is said to offer an opportunity for brand owners to "discover the future and prepare practical actionable solutions" that deliver topline and bottomline growth.

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