AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics Announces Full Commercialization of Soliant Bright Film

Lancaster, SC | AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics has announced the full commercialization of Soliant Bright Film. After years in development, this patented process technology is said to allow the coated film to be molded and bent without cracking of the metal and can be used as a replacement to chrome on automotive and commercial vehicle parts and components.

“AkzoNobel Specialty Plastics is now targeting Soliant Bright Film for applications into new markets, including commercial signage, decorative displays, and marine industries,” said Doug Goldstein, marketing manager for film and coatings.

The patented “Island Technology” of Bright Film incorporates a metallizing process that deposits minute spots of a proprietary, reflective metal matrix onto film. This enables the film to be stretched, molded, or bent without cracking or loss of the reflective property. Bright Film may be converted using multiple plastic processes, such as thermoforming and in-mold decoration, in addition to metal forming and lamination processes.

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