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H.B. Fuller Reports Price Increases

ST. PAUL, MN, USA—H.B. Fuller Company recently announced its adhesives business segment will implement a price increase of 6.5 percent for water-based adhesives; a 4.5 percent increase for hot melt adhesives; and specific individual increases for various other products. Accoring to the mfr., the price increases take effect March 15, 2003, or as contracts allow, for North American customers.

H.B. Fuller says increased cost of key raw materials and inflated transporation expenses—due, in large part, to the uncertainty surround the political situation in the MIddle East—provide reasons for its price increases. "In this period of instability, [H.B. Fuller] continues to work with its raw material suppliers to safeguard uninterrupted customer product supply in case of military conflict."

Visit H.B. Fuller at hbfuller.com.

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