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KPG and Presstek Partner to Expand DI in North America

HUDSOH, NH, USA—Presstek and Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) announce a partnership under which KPG will market, sell, and service direct digital imaging presses and related consumables in the US and Canada. According to Presstek, a direct digital-imaging technology manufacturer, the "new KPG DI solution is a two-page, four-color Ryobi platform DI press, which is enabled by Presstek's patented ProFire imaging and thermal plate technology." Adds Presstek, "This new highly automated DI solution will be manfactured to KPG specifications and is designed to provide high-quality offset printing and a high level of consistency."

On the KPG side, John Schloff, worldwide staff VP, says, "Kodak Polychrome Graphics is commited to helping customers make the transition to digital workflows. It's a natural progression that under our current CTP [computer-to-plate] and digital printing product portfolio expands to include a DI press."

From the Presstek side, president/CEO Edward Marino adds: "The agreement with KPG further demonstrates the acceptance of DI in the marketplace. Presstek believes DI is the future of offset printing."

Visit Presstek at presstek.com. Learn more about KPG's digital, conventional, and business solutions for converter and package printers at kpgraphics.com.

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