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RFID Reader Said to Break Barrier in Technology Adoption

COLUMBIA, MD, USA—Matrics Inc. reports the release of a new 'Advanced RFID Reader,' which the company says "breaks [the] barrier to radio frequency identification (RFID) adoption." According to Matrics, it's "a pioneer in the advanced development and standardization of low-cost, high-performance EPC-compliant UHF radio frequency identification smart label technology.…The multi-protocol reader [is] designed to function with any UHF RFID standard tag," which the company adds "will eliminate obsolescence, [resulting from the] continuing evolution in air-link protocol standards."

The Advanced Reader, says the co., is packaged ready to interface with Matrics EPC-compliant Class O and Class 1 tags; it utilizes a 'new fully configurable' software-based architecture to enable standards' compliance as other US and European air-interface standards emerge. Matrics adds Reader is programmable to support simultaneous reading of multiple tag types, and "provides a significant increase in tag-reading efficiency, allowing them to read at an unparalleled rate of more than 1,000 tags per second at range of 30 feet."

Adds Piyush Sodha, Matrics CEO: "This Reader provides a safe, future-proof choice for early [RFID technology] adopters. It assures customers their RFID infrastructure has the flexibility to accommodate multiple, evolving standards at no incremental cost." Co. says it will begin shipments of the Advanced Reader by June 2003.

Visit Matrics Inc. at matrics.com.

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