Creo Now Offers Environmentally Friendly Option for Plate Imaging

VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA—Creo reports it's now imaging chemical-free plates on the Trendsetter 800 Quantum and Lotem 400 Quantum platesetters. The chemical-free option—which eliminates the need for a plate processor, pre-bake oven, or storage of toxic processing chemicals—benefits printers with small- to medium-length print runs and physical-space restrictions, says Creo. "They save on the capital cost of a plate processor and the ongoing costs associated with chemicals, cleaning materials, and technical resources essential to maintaining this type of equipment," adds the prepress manufacturer.

Says Joe Luckett, marketing manager at Creo, "We are pleased to offer this cost-effective and more environmentally friendly option. Creo has a tradition of being an open-system provider and delivering leading-edge technology; printers with small- to medium-length runs especially will profit from the many benefits of imaging chemical-free plates."

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