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New Harper Div. Provides Tech Support and Service for Flexo

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA—Harper Corp. of America announces the launch of its Harper Graphic Solutions (HGS) division to provide additional technical support to the flexographic printing industry. According to HGS, the division acts as an extension of the converter's technical staff and provides services usually not available within the flexographer's organization. "The experienced technical team provides real-time problem solving and process improvements within customers' facilities—from developing a tracking system for anilox rolls to implementing a care and maintenance program to any prepress issue a customer may have," states a co. press release.

Harper says HGS is made up of flexographic experts headquartered in strategic locations throughout the US. Reports manager David Brewer, "In this day and age, when our customers are cutting staff to increase margins, Harper Graphic Solutions will guarantee the success of the programs with a ROI [return on investment] in as little as 30 days in many cases." He adds that some of the services provided include: the GET Program; Color Management Training; Graphic Team Meetings; Press Room Management; Fingerprint Access Management; Doctor Blade Evaluation; Scientific Maintenance Program; and the Anilox Protection program.

For more information about HGS, contact David Brewer at 920/983-1841; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit Harper Corp. of America at harperimage.com.

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