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Pechiney's IDEA Exceeds Planned Performance

ASHEVILLE, NC, USA—Bobst Group USA reports the installation of a Schiavi IDEA press at Pechiney Plastic Packaging's plant in Asheville. According to the converting equipment supplier, the gravure IDEA press features an automatic on-press wash-up system and print cylinder changeover. "After an extensive search, Pechiney concluded the press offered the best technology for [its] needs." Bobst adds that Pechiney reported the press start-up exceeded planned performance and continues to operate as planned.

According to Bobst, the Schiavi IDEA model rotogravure press can accommodate web widths up to 57 in.; is equipped with 10 printing units; and in-line solventless adhesives and (electron beam) EB-cured adhesives and coatings for duplex lamination and high-gloss coatings. The press supplier also reports that a wide range of packaging films and paper can be processed, and press registration is controlled via Bobst's Registron S-5100 automatic register control system.

Visit Bobst/Schiavi at bobstgroup.com. Learn more about Pechiney at pechiney.com.

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