Report Reveals Potential Market for Digital Printing

EDEN, NY | Designed for Narrow Web Label Printers and Converters, Karstedt Assoc.’s first Commercialization Assessment Report reveals a potential market of roughly 1.1 billion MSI for using current digital-printing economics and capabilities in narrow-web label applications.

Commercialization Assessment Reports are a direct response to client requests for more substance and assistance in evaluating the use of digital printing in packaging applications, says Kevin Karstedt, president of Karstedt Assoc. “Our internal research regarding the potential application fit for digital printing in narrow web label applications revealed ‘the digital sweet spot’ of 1.1 billion MSI. We further estimated the current penetration of digital technology is addressing less than 10 percent of the digital sweet spot.”

Despite the focus and attention digital printing has received in this application, the rate of adoption has been slow,” says Karstedt. “The reasons why became apparent as we discussed the findings with potential buyers of the technology, as well as with technology suppliers.”

The Commercialization Assessments are designed to match buyer needs with supplier capability. Not all buyers have the same needs or motivation to purchase, so their purchasing decision will be triggered based on a strategic need in responses to a changing market, notes Karstedt. Likewise, suppliers need to identify the needs of the early potential buyers of the technology to generate a revenue stream and continue their development efforts. The Commercialization Assessments provide market and product development visibility to buyers and sellers, along with the assessment tools, to enable timely, accurate decision making, Karstedt says.

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