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Maxcess Univ. To Host Louisville Conference

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK | Maxcess Intl., a supplier of engineered components for the web handling industry, has announced open registration for Maxcess Univ. Conference Week 2010, to be held at the Graphic Packaging Training Ctr. in Louisville, KY, June 7-10.

The four-day curriculum will offer up to 40 attendees a comprehensive view of web handling, from general theory to the detailed application of technology. Each day presents an opportunity to learn about a different aspect of web handling, and attendees can choose a single day of training or save significantly by staying the entire week. Classes will take place in a
world-class converting facility, providing opportunities for hands-on training and fostering further discussion on converting techniques and practices.

Maxcess Univ. reflects a commitment by Maxcess Intl., say company sources, to empower the customer with access to information on the latest technology and the training on how to use it properly, in formats that are easily accessed for multiple styles of learning.

For mor information about Maxcess Univ. Conference Week, visit www.maxcessu.com, or call 800-639-3433 to register.

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