Taghleef Industries Enters Bioplastic Market

DUBAI, UAE | Taghleef Industries (Ti), a leading BOPP film producer, commits to the development of sustainable packaging by introducing a fully natural film range based on NatureWorks PLA (polylactic acid) polymers marketed under the Ingeo brand name. The PLA polymers are claimed made from 100% renewable resources.

The PLA film can be disposed in an industrial composting facility as it is biodegradable and compostable, according to European standard EN13432, and is said to convert completely into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass by microbial digestion. Ingeo biopolymer is also registered by AIB Vincotte under the OK Biobased certification scheme with the highest four-star rating of renewable carbon content.

Valerio Garzitto, Ti Europe CEO, explains, “We are putting substantial efforts into upgrading our production for the manufacturing of BoPLA films at our Italian site. We will launch our new BoPLA product range in the fourth quarter this year and will offer a film portfolio of different thicknesses and aesthetical appearances to meet customers’ requirements. The new compostable films can be used in various packaging applications, such as fresh produce, bakery, dairy or confectionery and will complement the existing bio-plastics used in packaging already.”

Mark Vergauwen, European commercial director of NatureWorks LLC, commented, “We are happy to have partnered with such a committed player like Ti. We are confident that their expertise in the packaging film market will support the continuous growth and the acceptance of BoPLA films, which will drive the change to more sustainable packaging.”

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