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Pillar Offers Ozone Generation for Coaters and Laminators

HARTLAND, WI, USA—Pillar Technologies now offers ozone-generation equipment for the extrusion and coating laminating industry, says the co. According to Pillar, ozone generation is a cost-effective way of promoting adhesion of flexible packaging materials. "By generating ozone on extruded materials," notes the mfr., "you will have more reliable adhesion and maintenance-free operation."

Pillar lists benefits for incorporating such equipment into the extrusion coating and laminating processes as:

  • reduced coating weight;
  • reduced melt temperature;
  • improved adhesion;
  • increased line speeds;
  • optimized melt stability and neck-in;
  • improved heat-seal characteristics;
  • reduced odor or poor taste;
  • widened process parameters;
  • reduced rejects and waste; and
  • enhanced quality control.

For more information, visit Pillar pillartech.com.

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