FLEXcon Dedicates Full-Time Resources to Photovoltaic Program

SPENCER, MA | As the photovoltaic industry continues to ramp up technologies to harness the power of the sun, FLEXcon has dedicated full-time resources to meet the increasing demands from solar module and encapsulant producers who require FLEXcon’s photovoltaic backsheet protective laminates for their renewable energy platforms.

Michelle Ostiguy, who has served as project manager for FLEXcon’s photovoltaic program since 2008, has been promoted to market development specialist for FLEXcon’s photovoltaic program, while Keith Condon has been appointed to the full-time special assignment of photovoltaic technology manager.

In her new role, Ostiguy will be responsible for all rigid and thin film photovoltaic opportunities. She will work to identify, develop, and commercialize consumer-specific and market-based photovoltaic products. Condon will be responsible for all technical, product, and process development aspects of rigid and thin photovoltaic film initiatives.

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