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SPI Offers Enhanced Exhibitor Support

WASHINGTON, DC | SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Assn. will put to use more than six decades of experience producing NPE by assisting companies that would like to take part in this or other major plastics shows but are discouraged by the time, cost, manpower, and logistics of planning an exhibit.

While the next NPE is more than two years away, SPI's new "Concierge Service" is already available to prospective exhibitors at this year's Plastimagen, Chinaplas, and K shows and has the approval of the sponsors of these events. SPI will charge exhibitors a fee for the service and will receive no commissions from the trade show organizers.

"The Concierge Service is a new way for SPI to carry out its mission of helping to stimulate economic recovery in the plastics industry," said Gene Sanders, SPI senior VP of trade shows. "The value of a trade show exhibit for generating new business is well known, but many companies have neither the resources nor the experience to plan an exhibit at a major international event. SPI can help them navigate successfully through the process of planning for and mounting an exhibit."

SPI can assist in such procedures as selecting and contracting for a booth, budgeting, dealing with contractors and vendors, arranging guest passes for customers and prospects, and planning for move-in.

"The Concierge Service can help companies save time and money while achieving the customer contacts, sales leads, and industry exposure that are the ultimate payoff of trade show participation," said Sanders. "The fee for our services will be small in comparison with the extra costs incurred by companies that are inadequately prepared to manage the complexities of exhibiting. In fact, we expect that some of the more experienced companies will also take advantage of the Concierge Service."

This year, Plastimagen will take place March 23—26 in Mexico City; Chinaplas, on April 19—22 in Shanghai; and K, on October 27—November 3 in D├╝sseldorf, Germany. NPE2012 will take place April 1—5, 2012, in Orlando, FL.

Information on SPI's Concierge Service is available from A.J. Janosko at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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