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Intl. Polyolefins Conference Addresses Catalyst, Additive Developments

NEWTOWN, CT | The International Polyolefins Conference, sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and scheduled for February 21-24 in Houston, will offer a talk by Dr. Jinliang Qiao on programs in polyolefin catalyst, process, additive, and product developments sponsored by China's SINOPEC Beijing Research Inst. of Chemical Industry.

These programs are in support of the 9.7% growth rate in the Chinese plastics processing industry and in response to growing supply from the Middle East and other lower-cost feedstock regions.

Reportedly, research on BOPP film has resulted in new catalysts and additives. SINOPEC says its N-series catalyst (also produced by BASF and known as Lynx 1000 in the US) delivers PP with higher isotacticity and better stability. The N-catalyst technology is also extended to PE as BCE and BCS catalysts for slurry and gas-phase processes. A critical success factor was lower cost. Work continues on chrome-based and single-site catalysts for PE and broad-MWD catalysts for PP.

Dr. Qiao's talk will be included in the plenary session of the conference.

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