Unifoil's Sustainability Commitment Recognized

FAIRFIELD, NJ | Unifoil Corp. has achieved chain-of-custody certification to the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC). The international endorsement follows Unifoil’s receipt of chain-of-custody certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program. PEFC certification assures purchasers of paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests. Unifoil is a leading global specialty converter of paper, board, synthetic paper, plastic, film, foil, and metallized and holographic substrates. The company is among innovators that have developed environment-friendly packaging and printing materials that create product differentiation, and the company created and manufactures the award-winning environment-friendly film-free foil-free Unilustre metallized papers and boards.

“We are very proud to receive PEFC certification,” says Joseph Funicelli, Unifoil CEO and president. “Unifoil has now earned the three most prestigious chain-of-custody certifications, PEFC, FSC and SFI, and remains committed to supporting the triple bottom line.”

Unifoil’s award-winning recyclable Unilustre papers and boards and its new recyclable Ultralustre plastics, both of which are nonlaminated, film-free, foil-free and made without solvents, qare said to satisfy consumer-product-goods companies’ sustainability initiatives. Unilustre and Ultralustre materials reportedly contribute to source reduction, use less energy and fewer materials compared with alternative products, are claimed less expensive to ship, and can significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint. Both are available in silver, custom colors, and holographics. Other recyclable products from Unifoil include UniCote and UniBlock materials. Unifoil also converts materials made from recycled content.

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